Does your Cable Lubricant deliver maximum durability?

Wear Resistance and corrosion prevention are the key properties to look for in a carbon steel wire rope lubricant. But why should you use Interflon when you can safely continue using factory recommended lubes too?

The best choice for field relubrication

To prolong the service life of your cables and ensure improved levels of safety in the work place, Interflon provides high performance dry film lubricants for cable field relubrication purposes. Our products penetrate completely into the core of the cable to leave a water resistant film with extreme pressure protection that lubricates and protects each strand and reduces corrosive attack of the cable.

Interflon stands up to the elements

Interflon cable lubricants do not drip or fling off. Instead, they seal the outside of the cable to reduce wear and prevent fretting corrosion from contact with adjacent wires and other objects. In this way, your cables can stand up to the elements, resist dust and moisture whilst enabling clean handling and easy rope inspection.

  • Saturates the core to reduce friction between the strands
  • Protects strands and exterior surfaces against corrosion
  • Seals the outer surface to reduce fretting corrosion
  • Resistant to water wash out, acid, alkalines and salt water
  • Will not harden or become thin in warm/cold climates
  • Enables visual inspection

The type, size and usage of your wire rope determine its specific lubricant needs. However, all wire ropes, including the ones used in mining, construction, food and marine industries, will last longer when maintained with Interflon, for instance with .

Minimum attention. Maximum results

Interflon dry-film penetrating and coating lubricants have a flawless reputation. They minimise corrosion to protect and preserve cables and extend the service life of your wire ropes, well beyond those of conventional wire rope lubricants. Before you relubricate your cables next time, ask the experts at Interflon for the superior choice.  Imagine the benefits!

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