For most Industrial companies on the Islands, ZEP 45 is standard equipment. From an engineering point of view the Islands elements; 'salitre', moist and sand create a difficult challenge. ZEP 45 takes away the headaches. Now, a new and improved version is out!

Zep 45 Dual Force - % wear
05 %
Competitor C - % wear
21 %
Competitor A - % wear
36 %
Competitor B - % wear
77 %

Introducing our new ZEP 45

At Zep, we’re always looking to improve our products. That mindset led us to develop Zep 45 Dual Force, our latest multipurpose lubricant and penetrant that outperforms all major competitors. The new formulation gets in and gets working fast, providing superior lube and pen properties without compromising one for the other. And because it’s VOC-compliant in all 50 states through 2016, Zep 45 Dual Force takes the place of Zep 45 NC. For all it’s uses, it’s still designed to do one thing-keep things moving, so you can keep moving. At 100 pounds of test force. Zep 45 Dual Force lubricates far better than our competitors. Charts: Less friction means less wear, so parts run smoother and longer.

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