SENT TODAY. For those clients who Ive missed;

Dear Client,

After recent events and the instructions of the Prime Minister I am reaching out to you.

This is a chaotic time so I will come straight to the point; you are receiving this e-mail because you (recently) bought our Hand Sanitizer.

Unfortunately a lot of our clients are forced to temporarily close their doors.

If you will temporarily close your business we kindly ask to donate your Hand Sanitizer to us so we can give them to Healthcare Institutions. 

We will donate these on your behalf and mention your company  on our website/facebook page.

If you want a credit-note for it, that's ok. We will do that.

If your cartridge or box is already opened, it’s ok. We’ll take it.

Right now there is a very high demand on the island, however the advised method for hand hygiene is still soap and water.

In Healthcare Institutions these washing areas are limited and very time consuming. They NEED this in order to stop the spreading and protect their employees and patients. 

Please help us help the Island. You will safe lives.

Thanks and be well!!!





Quint Boutmy.

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