Thermal imaging cameras are a great tool for predictive maintenance inspections


Coservices combines thermal imaging with other technologies to attain the maximum result

 Thermal imaging cameras from FLIR Systems are increasingly used in industrial environments for predictive maintenance inspections. Gunther Willems, Technology Manager at one of Europe’s largest condition monitoring consultancy agencies – Coservices, part of GP Allied’s reliability group – explains why thermal imaging is the fastest growing predictive maintenance technology on the market today. “It is simply the only technology that allows you to immediately ‘see’ what’s wrong.”

With 70 employees and offices in Belgium, France and the Netherlands, Coservices is the largest condition monitoring agency of the Benelux. Coservices is also one of the largest of its kind in Europe and it is still expanding. “We perform inspections at regular intervals so that we pick up faults as they develop, so repairs can be planned accordingly, allowing companies to fix issues before they disrupt the production process.”

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