Industrial Cleaning

Whether we talk about cleaning in Hotels, Workshops, Hospitals or other places; with (industrial) cleaning we all want a super multipurpose product that is cheap, fast and safe for the user AND the environment. Unfortunately there is no "magic can" that does it all.

With our clients we go over their projects, the problem(s) and their demands. The final result is the implementation of innovative cleaning products or systems, while controlling potential risks, achieving cost efficiencies and maximizing performance. We always do this with the necessary training of your personal making sure this becomes a superior solution.

When it comes down to cleaning we are always working with 4 major elements in the Sinners circleprocess; time, movement (mechanical action), chemicals and temperature. All these factors work with each other. When one part becomes bigger, another becomes smaller.

For instance; when you have scale in your shower head, you can take a wet cloth and start cleaning. It will demand a great deal of time and a lot of labour. When you would vinegar and a cloth, the parts "time" and "mechanical" become less and the part chemical increases.

All of these 4 elements can cost you a lot of money. Depending on the situation and your demands we try to fine-tune your process and help you choose the right product and method for the job. We help you find the solution, the superior solution.

Want to leave the cleaning to experienced specialists? Big overhaul planned or you just don't have the resources? Give us a call and we will fix it all.

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