The Energy Division within Zep® Sales and Service has been serving maintenance, repair and equipment/vehicle operators ever since 1937. We provide a high performance assortment of products and services that Drillers, Frackers and Oil Field Service companies use every day.


Drilling, Field Service, Hand Care


Oil & Gas Degreasers:  Zep offers a complete line of Oil & Gas Degreasers that penetrate and removes oil, grease, tar, dirt, lubricants etc., from multiple surfaces.

Lubricants/Penetrants/Anti-Seize:  Zep has a complete line of heavy-duty lubricants that penetrate rapidly to loosen parts that are frozen due to wear, corrosion, and grime build-up. Excellent for use on any surface that slips, slides, rubs, rolls, moves, turns, twists, or pivots. Furthermore, they are designed for high-temperature, high-pressure use.

Vehicle Care Cleaners:  Zep has outstanding detailing supplies to protect and preserve your investment on the outside plus cutting edge interior products.

Hand & Skin Care:  Zep offers several skin care products that help assure a higher rate of hand hygiene by limiting the risk of infection, skin irritation, and dryness. Whether for high-risk, routine, or frequent applications.

Greases:  Zep has several types of grease that prevent metal to metal contact under severe operating conditions and provides protection against galling and breakdown.

Concrete Removal Products:  Zep provides concentrated products that effectively remove concrete, lime, clay, and mortar from trucks, tools, and equipment, etc.

Parts & Equipment Cleaners:  Zep equipment cleaning products have been designed to reduce the generation of hazardous wastes and reduce or eliminate the need for expensive liquid hazardous waste removal.

Laundry:  Zep has hevay-duty liquid and powdered laundry detergent with surfactants, citrus solvents and optical brighteners to remove greasy, oily soils.







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